Business as usual

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know, we have our website back up and running.

So, you are able to place your orders again. Thanks for your patience with us, while we got it sorted out.

If you do place an order, it may take a little while to get out to you. As usual, we are super busy here. Not only are we catching up on orders, and trying to get a few extras made for the upcoming Australian Lure and Fly Expo in Ipswich. But we are also in the process of moving. We have been based in Goulburn NSW since the beginning. But soon, Gobsmacked Lures will be moving to Cowra, in the Central West of NSW. So, just keep this in mind, when placing your order, and don’t leave it til the last minute to get your gear.


As always, we would love to see your catch. Please pop on to our Facebook page, and share your photos. We try to update our home page here on the website, with more recent catches on our lures. So, you never know, you might see a familiar face or two. So don’t forget to share.


Cheers everyone12472315_562583513914127_1685210764781791017_n

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